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If your sector isn't available, it will be due to there not being an open window for the programme for your sector. For more information please visit your sector’s page at:


Eligibility Criteria for your sector can be found on the relevant sector’s page at www.enterprisedevelopmentprogramme.org.uk

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Ideation​ – you are thinking about the skill set and asset base of your organisation but would like support to identify potential revenue models to help form a more concrete idea of what sort of trading activity you could develop to help diversify your income. 

Testing - You have an idea which you are testing but are yet to start to put it in to action. 

Implementation – ​you have developed a business model and have thought about the operational running and potential impact this could have but are keen to access further support to launch your idea effectively. 

Scaling – ​You are currently trading effectively but are looking to grow this activity and need support to do so.

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Enterprise Status

What kind of positive contribution do you expect trading/enterprise to make to your organisation?

1 – No Positive Contribution, 2 – Small Positive Contribution,

3 – Medium Positive Contribution 4- Extensive Positive Contribution

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1 – No Experience, 2 – Not Very Experienced, 

3 – Somewhat Experienced, 4 - Very Experienced


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