The Ubele Initiative is the national partner for this sector. They can help to explain the programme, support you with applications to join it, and will have a key role in helping successful applicants to progress their ideas and grow their enterprise activity.

The key contacts at the Ubele Initiative are:

Jacy Stewart

Please contact Jacy with any questions on the sector application process.

Application Windows

Monday 23rd May – 10amStage 1 Applications Open
Monday 13th June – 12 noonStage 1 Applications Close
Wednesday 15th June- 10 amStage 2 Applications Open
Monday 11th July – 12 noonStage 2 Applications Close
Tuesday 6th September- 10amStage 1 Applications Open
Tuesday 27 September- 12 noonStage 1 Applications Close
Thursday 29th September – 10amStage 2 Applications Open
Monday 24th October – 12 noonStage 2 Applications Close
Wednesday 23rd November – 10amStage 1 Applications Open
Wednesday 14th December- 12 noonStage 1 Applications Close
Friday 16th December- 10amStage 2 Applications Open
Friday 20th January – 12 noonStage 2 Applications Close

Eligibility Criteria for Black and Minoritised Communities sector applicants

  • Legally constituted charity, voluntary sector organisation, or social enterprise
  • All organisations applying to the progamme must also be able to demonstrate that they are an eligible charity or social enterprise.  This means that organisations need to:
  • Have a clear social mission
  • Distribute less than 50% of post-tax profits and reinvest at least 51% of surpluses into pursuing their social mission, and
  • Have a constitutional or contractual lock on their social mission, dividend and surplus distribution policy (also known as an Asset Lock)


  1. You are a registered Black and Minoritised community led,[1]charity, CIC, or a company limited by guarantee who invests any surplus for social purpose to support work with Black and minoritised communities
  • Has been operating as a registered company / charity for at least 2 years
  • Can evidence current trading activities, which require support / development, or
  • Commitment from senior management and the Board to pilot / test a coherent trading idea
  • You can demonstrate evidence of trading or are actively looking to diversify and grow income through trading.
  • You have the staff capacity and support of the board of trustees to engage fully with the programme.
  • You can commit to playing an active part in contributing to the shared learning within the enterprise movement network.

[1] A minimum of 70% of the board of trustees and at least 51% of senior staff are from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background.

Application Guidance